10/15/19 The world equity markets are in a very weird place. Usually, uncertainty is caused by earnings or economic indicators. October 2019 is wild because we have the United Kingdom BREXIT (Ie, suicide) occurring at the same time the US is engaged in a massive trade war with China. Investing right now is wildly unpredictable. My thesis is that the UK suicide will force a resolution to the trade war, greatly tighten liquidity and cause a spike in Precious Metals.

GNRC: Generac Holdings, makers of backup power stations for homes and businesses should see continued strength in the coming months as residents of California suffer from a utility generated blackouts.

$SILVER, and silver miners (PAAS, WPM, etc) should see positive money flow over the coming month. That is true of gold as well, but recently both are stumbling. PM is never a short term play, using this dip to add a bit to portfolio.  Positive pressure on PM prices include:

  • Brexit may stress the EU economy and push safe haven buying.
  • The U.S. Government appears to finally be getting serious about the allegations of Silver price fixing by JP Morgan.
  • Additionally, in September, the Fed had to inject $75 billion into the overnight market to ensure U.S. banks remained liquid. If that’s happening during solid economic times, it may create a rush to PM if/ when the economy slows.
  • Ten years into the longest economic expansion is US history, the odds are good that we are closer to a slowdown than ever.

TOP 5 ways to become a more successful prepper:

To be blunt, I am not 100% on these tasks. I’m working towards them by doing daily “micro-projects.” Currently my biggest failings are self care and community care. Since retiring from the Special Forces, I’ve put on too many pounds, smoked too many cigarettes, drank too much beer, and fell off the wagon with physical fitness.

To cut an excuse- for 33 years I did all that and for the past year I didn’t. Its amazing how fast sins compile on an old guy that never used to even be a hint of a speed-bump at a younger age. Without further ado- these are my priorities of work going forward. I hope they help focus your list a bit!

  1. Self Care: Go to the doctor & dentist and get on top of your personal status from that professional vantage point. If you need to, get a plan together to lose weight and cut out unhealthy habits. I don’t know a single Prepper that is preparing to be alone. So, don’t leave your family alone by dying young because of poor self care.
  2. Family Care: Preppers that have family members with special needs are diligent with this. Not what I’m getting at! You may have a great plan- but if you do not share the plan with other friends and family that are geographically isolated from you- you failed! Think pre- cell phone days. Not long ago, moms, dads, friends, etc., were amazing at giving each other detailed plans and contingencies. Meeting in a city for a fun day? In 2000, folks didn’t leave stuff to chance. They would inform anyone joining that they would be at XX location from 10-12 and then move to XX location for a couple hours. Families planned link- ups like a military operation! They had to have pre- planned contingencies because there was no Text Message easy button. Maybe the cell network will survive whatever happens- but it didn’t on the North East Coast after 9/11/2001. It didn’t after Hurricane Katrina and the dozens of other acts of God since then. So- share the plan. Better- write it down and hand it to your loved one- because it means more to you than them, probably. Just tell them to put it in the glove box and read if needed.
  3. Community Care: Become a member of your geographic community! Get to know your neighbors! Make allies. Where you live, is where you might die. Dying is less likely when you have friends. Most Preppers have this self image of being like Rambo or a cowboy- living in the wild, alone with their families. Yeah, that Hollywood BS. Survival requires communities. Some folks only have the skills to stand guard. Its what too many Preppers aspire to! There needs to be something worth guarding! A forge, a doctor, a nurse, a farm, a cobbler, a butcher, a baker and candlestick maker! Embrace the really wierd, tree- hugger types is my #1 suggestion. Generally these folks know a ton about medicine, herbal remedies, or have the patience for things like baking and making candlesticks. I’ve got no interest in learning every single skill that makes life tolerable. Division of labor requires a community. We befriend a community, not as much as we should, but thats a work in progress. Going all in on community care means you need to suppress any strongly held national political beliefs. If TSHTF, no President or member of Congress is coming to save you. Most of that crap is BS anyway- neighbor relationships made during good times will pay huge dividends later.
  4. Skills Care : I mentioned the Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick maker. Master a skill and refine it! I suspect people that know how to make fuel- be that bio- diesel or whatever, will be profitable today and into whatever future lies in store for us. You don’t need to be a jack-of-all-trades. Figure out your trade, and then using Community Care principles find others to compliment your shortfalls.
  5. Financial Care: A lot of comments I get on my site are those that have no interest in finance (as it is today). I get it. Like I’ve said on other pages, I try to use investing to get resources to continue prepping. Regardless of your interest level I suggest this: Always have a passport and a no- annual fee credit card with the highest possible charge limit on hand. In case fleeing becomes required and basic systems are still functional. DO NOT USE the credit card! If you do, pay it off. Fixed Rate Mortgages are great for most potential futures (since most of them have a hyper- inflation element attached). Credit cards are awful!! Live within your means and limit debt to big things like a house or farm. Buy or barter for the rest. Don’t put your whole nest egg in gold, silver, stocks or crypto-currencies. Spread your choices, and your risk around. For God’s Sake- don’t buy something simply because I am doing that. That’s information, like my opinion on the weather, baseball or if it will rain next week. I’m a glorified Infantryman- not some guru money adviser! I only know what works for me. No idea what works for you!