200311 Newsletter holdings

This is a birthday present, of sorts! These are subject to change in the event the market turns markedly bullish. On Monday, with the market down a notable 7%, some didnt realize that a +3% bounce the next day was almost a certainty. Bull markets die quickly, but not easily. Expect more downside moves with rally attempts along the way by the perma- bulls. Drunks are the last one to accept the party is over. Once they do realize its over, expect a significant culmination draw down.

PositionTargetCurrent Stop LossComment
Cash$1.00$1.00NAAll retirement plan accounts
TECS- 3x short Tech$12.00$7.82$6.50Today I’ve adjusted SL higher than purchase price.
EDZ- 3x Short Emerging Markets$90.00$50.74$35.90Emerging markets are in more jeopardy than US is at this point
SQQQ- Ultrashort QQQ$45.00$25.20$17.90 
FNGD- Inverse Fang$15.00$8.90$7.50Play on the overvaluation of Facebook, Amazon, Google & Netflix
YANG- 3x short China$95.00$50.64$38.90China may have COVID contained- but economic shock may just be getting felt
Carnival Cruise Line Put $8.00$6.40$3.50April 3 $26 puts. If hits $8, will move to a Jun/Jul timeframe in money put
Carnival Cruise Line Put $20.00$11.50$6.50Jan 15 2021 $27.5 put. Holding until bleeding stops in travel
SW Air Put$24.00$8.50$6.24Jan 15 2021 $42.50 puts. Holding.
Disney Puts$28.00$14.10$10.50Oct 16 $105 put. Holding