200313 Relief Rally!!!!!

Relief rally? That is a suckers bet. A Bull Trap. Stay in cash or stable coin OR be dumb enough to follow my cynic trades. Markets today rallied on the news that President Trump finally declared a National Emergency. The lines at Costco two weeks ago would have told any dummy that something nation wide was amiss! Any American could have told you last week we have hit a crisis.

The US Government is actually going to get serious, but its far too late to stop this from pushing the US into recession. When China closed Wuhan, it gave the world weeks of time to react. To plan. To prepare. The US wasted the advantage it was given.

Federal inaction has allowed this to spread and its impact on the economy will be harsh. For all the people that will die, ten times more will lose their jobs, their houses. Student loans, car loans and personal loans will go into default. The entire debt ridden system is under threat. Bailouts are coming next. Bailouts of under performing debt @ the expense of the US taxpayer for out of control corporate debt.

Don’t buy into today’s Bull Trap where people who perpetually believe that ‘everything is awesome’ lose their money to those that are more grounded. I believe COVID-19 is the Bull Killer & we are at risk of losing another 15-25% of market capitalization. Below in a previous post are my holdings. Lost a lot on paper today. Not worried. This Bubble has found its Pin.