20201107 Current Picks

GBTC: Last traded: $17.54Characterization: Closing on a break out of a very long term Cup formation. Potential 2 Banger.
Now: Own 1/3 of planned investmentClose above $18.25: Go to 100% at closeFeb 2021 Price Projection: $31- $37

Ring (RNG) Last traded: $294.34Characterization: Potentially ending a trading range with a bias to the upsideNow: Own 1/3 of planned investmentClose above $301, buy second 1/3Close above $310 but last 1/3Feb 2021 Price Projection: $340- $360

Generac (GNRC) Last traded: $233Characterization: OverextendedIf you own: HoldIf you don’t, wait. An opportunity to buy at $222 should emerge in next 2 weeks. Feb Price Projection: $240-270

Silver 3X Bullish Exchange Traded Fund (AGQ): Last traded: $49.74Characterization:Breaking trading range above $50 w/ short term resistance at $55Now: Buy 50% of planned investmentClose above $56: Go all in.Feb 2021 Projection: $80

Tesla (TSLA) Last traded: $429Characterization: Nearing end of a bullish ascending triangle.Now: 50% of planned investmentClose above $440: Go all in.Feb 2021 Projection $525
Note: I hate TSLA. Wildly overpriced based on production. I dislike Elon Musk. So, I am compromised in that regard. In fact, the most fun I’ve ever had in the market was shorting this POS stock in Feb 20. Was a huge pay day. Lost some recently on a Long sell stop that was too tight. Caveats complete-  the chart is very bullish. If it closes over $440, I’m throwing bank at it. Let your own judgement guide ya! I am not saying TSLA is a good company- it is a stock with a very promising chart.