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Hi! I’m a Libertarian. What are you? Hyper Conservative? Hyper Liberal? Thats all good as far as I’m concerned! Love you all.

As a Libertarian, I believe that nobody can violate the basic law. The basic law is that you cannot spend more than you earn. You cannot take more from the Earth than you give back.

Currently, most multi-National businesses are doing that. God knows that the Chinese Government, the US Government and all the nations within the European Union are spending themselves to death in a reckless pursuit of economic expansion. They are violating the rules in a self- serving manner to try to protect their power. Eventually, those tables will turn and the results will be a billion tragic tales of victimization by citizens of the world that got life choked out of them by people they will never meet- but by people that valued their personal prosperity over the needs of the many.

That concerns me, deeply. Gentle reader, I do not care if you are straight. Or Bi. Or in a same sex relationship. I don’t care if you are Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, First Person or Christian. I don’t care if you are pro or anti Abortion. Don’t care if your are pro or anti the Death Penalty.

We don’t have an intimate relationship, but, if we did, I would accept you just as you are. That is the fundamental choice of a Libertarian. As long as you are doing your best to limit the damage you do to yourself, others, and the wildlife on the planet, you have a home here.

So, here we are! Stuck. Stuck in a place where minimum wages no longer pay any bills! In a swirling, sucking eddy of despair, highlighted by brief moments of false hope in an ever- darkening Universe! Ok, that last isn’t mine. But I like it.  To battle the void- I will offer up- to the best of my ability some advice that might tend to serve.

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