Precious Metals

The United States is creating debt at an alarming rate. National Debt to GDP has soared from about 55% of GDP to 136% since 2000. In large measure, COVID has a lot to do with this. Policy changes, economic expansion and common sense can fix the situation.

Precious Metals investing in my approach is an insurance policy. Insurance against the worst-case scenario of continued poor policies, economic stagnation, and leaders failing to act with common sense. To that end, I update the below charts periodically to keep an eye on both Silver and Gold. While over time their moves are correlated, over short periods, one or the other tends to lag. As of 12 Feb 2021, Gold is the one most likely to move decisively in the next few months. Which way is unknowable, but the bias is up. This Gold chart is admittedly busy. It shows convergences occurring that propel it over its recent ATH. If that happens, I will move $Gold, and gold miners to the front page. The LT silver chart below gold.