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This is not advice, just a place to let my friends follow what I’m up to. I use this site and my free newsletter as a forcing function to ensure I don’t stray off of my discipline of reading, choosing, following stocks I own and ensuring I keep my Sell Stops updated. My thesis is that we are approaching a Peak, so if all you take of value from this is to keep tight Sell Stops, that’s a win! Being accountable to friends has significantly improved my results. Prior to the start of this experiment, I only averaged 38-44% per year from 2015-2020.

Who am I? Just a guy with no formal training in Technical Analysis. I’ve got no special insight and am often wrong. If you derive value from it, great! If not, sorry! Guess I should have stated up front that I’m an idiot. Don’t act on the opinion of an idiot! You can reach me at if you feel compelled to agree.


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