Site Intent

This is not a site exclusively about crypto- currency chart analysis. Articles and additional pages will from time to time appear to demonstrate that fact. This is primarily notes to myself & my associates on a variety of investments that are of interest for consideration. Diversification, the fact that US based retirement accounts do not allow for crypto investing, aside from a few Trust type vehicles requires a broader view of the investing universe.

My underlying thesis / belief is that fiat currencies are a failed experiment. That has been proven over and over again for a thousand years. This conclusion I reached after years of study and, with a degree of sadness. A lot of good has been done over the past few generations in terms of advancing the global standard of living. A sudden collapse of the USD, Euro, or RMB will threaten all of those gains. Gains, admittedly built on credit, but gains none the less that can be easily lost to history.

The major economic powers, their Central Bankers, and politicians are trying to keep the paper currency system afloat. Paper currencies work, until they don’t. There is no telling how long it will last. Until that time, the game needs to be played to achieve capital gains and income within that system.

Ideally, one peels off some of those fiat gains and income into debt reduction, precious metals, crypto, real estate and other hard assets (tools, seeds, supplies, larder). Financial security, viewed as a holistic should lend itself to flexibility that tends to serve one well regardless of what the future holds.

If you have comment, I am willing to listen to any feedback- but be pre- warned that I suspect you can’t beat my wife in the category of very angry & hypercritical of anything I have to say. Obviously not a challenge for you to be more rude, but if the mood strikes you, try if you like. As I said, my opinions are my own. If you’re angry, that’s cool. I am more than willing to read anything. If I place any merit in your argument- that’s another story. Fact is that I’m often proved wrong. Time makes a fool of us all. If you send something compelling, I will reply. Reply or not- will definately respect that you took the time to find my email address I buried intentionally.