20201230 Update

StockPrice Sell StopOpinion
GBTC$32.90$24.90Hold.  Tied to BTC so its sell stop is wider than 20%
RNG$388.00$349.90HOLD Gained $40 in last week. Projecting ST top at$405 with the inevitable ST reverse. Ave ST drop- 16%. You can get this one cheaper in the new year. Drop to $360 likely to test base
GNRC$229.00$190.00Remains range bound. Buy at $205 (safest) or buy at $235 if it begins to break out of range to upside. SS set at 5% below bottom of its range
AGQ$52.00$39.90Sell Stop Loss raised. WATCH until $55. Buy over $55 with tight stops. Likely to drop if it nears $70. Currently precariously perched on top of its range based chart. 
TSLA$694.00$548.00Buy / Hold  Most likely a move to $750 in next month… if someone can stop Musk from dumb tweets & emails
INMD$47.50$35.90HOLD / Up about $5 this week, but still in a price channel with a more likely move down than up. BUY at $40 
BYND$120.00$109.90HOLD / Remains range bound . BUY if it hits and holds at $120 (bottom of trading range). Sell if it breaks lower than $110
AMZN$3,285.00$2,800.00BUY. Upside potential in next month is ~$240/ share. Project $3480
BABA$238.00 SELL: Technically fell apart in last 2 weeks. 
ZM$353.00 SELL: Fell below sell stop. Sitting at a key support but might fall to $310. Will re-enter this trade if it hits close to $310 or above $410.
LAZR$35.00$29.00HOLD Has moved up $10 in last two weeks but has lost momentum. ST mixed. Buy if it moves over $40. 
NVDA$525.00$499.00BUY for aggressive investors only. Change in last 2 weeks from a Bull call to $600 is the chart has turned decidedly mixed. NVDA is going to move violently in the next 3-4 weeks. But it’s a crapshoot if that move is higher or lower.
TAN$102.00$85.00HOLD  / Accumulate Solar ETF.  Buy if it falls below $96. Aggressive investors can buy now- it should have another 20 points in it. This is a trade (clean energy) that might bump into the cold hard reality known as the US Senate. But until the State of the Union, it should have lift under it.
 Current Comment
BTC$29,100.00 HOLD: In PD. Most technical analysts have been writing for weeks that major resistance is at $30K and $36k. Its clear in the charts and what is expected (particularly when round numbers are involved w/ human psyche) may become self fulfilling. A drop to the $22k range would be extremely healthy for BTC in order to keep uptrend stable… its getting a bit out of hand up 48% this month. That said- its impossible to chart a top. Only market action will determine that. 
LINK$11.12 BUY: Good opportunity to get a DeFi leader on sale while all eyes are on BTC
XRP$0.21 SELL: Being sued by SEC for violations. Likely a dead duck.
ETH$740.00 BUY: Chart indicates a potential breakout that might test ATH  of $1346. It is getting expensive, fast. Will fall with BTC but both are in PD
Yearn.Finance  (YFI)$21,230.00 WATCH: Biggest of the DeFi has fallen as money has rushed to BTC. Chart indicates its going lower. I’m hoping for $15k as an re- entry
VeCoin (VTC).0194 ACCUMULATE: Must break over .023 to be fully bullish. Good use case for RFID
PD- price discovery

20201217 Current Picks

StockPrice Opinion
GBTC$30.00Hold. 20% run in last week based on BTC move and is probably due a cooling off. 
RNG$386.00HOLD Gained $40 in last week. Projecting ST top at$405 with the inevitable ST reverse. Ave ST drop- 16%. You can get this one cheaper in the new year I suspect
GNRC$217.00Remains range bound. Buy at $205 (safest) or buy at $235 if it begins to break out of range to upside
AGQ$50.00Sell Stop Loss at $32.90. Silver is up significantly in the past week. That said, AGQ needs to hit over $55 before you buy. Upside resistance at $70 is significant so if you don’t own, suggest AGQ is a WATCH.
TSLA$647.00Buy / Hold  Up about $40 in last week. Most likely (but still a nacient chart pattern) is a move to $750 in next month
INMD$46.00HOLD / Up about $5 this week, but still in a price channel with a more likely move down than up. BUY at $39
BYND$140.00HOLD / Remains range bound 
AMZN$3,241.00BUY. Upside potential in next month is ~$240/ share. Project $3480
BABA$262.00BUY.  Has finally broken clearly past its downtrend. Not in a signifcant uptrend, but much better technically
ZM$403.00BUY Continues to base 
LAZR$25.50BUY under $20.  Fell to about $24 and recovered slightly. That makes the most likely direction of LAZR to be down. Possibly to $17.50. 
NVDA$534.00Buy. Basing nicely in an ascending triangle. Due for a move higher. Target $600 was (last update set “in next 2 months” I now suspect it will move higher sooner than later and $600 may be conservative
TAN$92.00HOLD  / Accumulate Solar ETF.  Last week @ about $82 projected $120. It is now at $92. If it stays true to form, it should rise another few points and fall back to at least $90. If you don’t own & want to just WATCH for now.
BTC$23,152.00Last week said, “Chart indicates that the coming week will tell the tale for next few months… Either it falls further ($16,212 is key price support) or it blasts at least 25% higher. I dont care either way- this is a long term hold with an expected price of $40K in next year.”  Technically BTC is now in Price Discovery” which means it could drop now, drop near $30 or drop near my max ST projection of $36. What will matter is not when it drops, but how far. If it stays over $20K, we are on the verge of a. big move.
LINK$13.83HOLD Chart remains bullish. Up a couple bucks since everything is moving higher
XRP$0.61HOLD At beginning stage / 1st wave of move higher. Up 20% in week but real test is at 80 cents then $1. If it hits $1.05,  this becomes a must own
ETH$654.00BUY: Chart indicates a potential breakout that might test ATH  of $1346. In last week its been pacing BTC  nicely (which its closely aligned with in terms of price movement) If you see BTC stalling and ETH rising like crazy, it’s the sign that we are a few days from an overall coin price decline.
Yearn.Finance  (YFI)$27,070.00Short Term HOLD. But  below $23000. Mid Term Bullish to $43,500 and then expect fall to $35k range.  A DeFi leader that cannot be ignored 
VeCoin (VTC).018Must break over .023 to be bullish. Half way up climbing a cup from recent high @.021 then a fall to .1. Good use case for RFID

20201107 Current Picks

GBTC: Last traded: $17.54Characterization: Closing on a break out of a very long term Cup formation. Potential 2 Banger.
Now: Own 1/3 of planned investmentClose above $18.25: Go to 100% at closeFeb 2021 Price Projection: $31- $37

Ring (RNG) Last traded: $294.34Characterization: Potentially ending a trading range with a bias to the upsideNow: Own 1/3 of planned investmentClose above $301, buy second 1/3Close above $310 but last 1/3Feb 2021 Price Projection: $340- $360

Generac (GNRC) Last traded: $233Characterization: OverextendedIf you own: HoldIf you don’t, wait. An opportunity to buy at $222 should emerge in next 2 weeks. Feb Price Projection: $240-270

Silver 3X Bullish Exchange Traded Fund (AGQ): Last traded: $49.74Characterization:Breaking trading range above $50 w/ short term resistance at $55Now: Buy 50% of planned investmentClose above $56: Go all in.Feb 2021 Projection: $80

Tesla (TSLA) Last traded: $429Characterization: Nearing end of a bullish ascending triangle.Now: 50% of planned investmentClose above $440: Go all in.Feb 2021 Projection $525
Note: I hate TSLA. Wildly overpriced based on production. I dislike Elon Musk. So, I am compromised in that regard. In fact, the most fun I’ve ever had in the market was shorting this POS stock in Feb 20. Was a huge pay day. Lost some recently on a Long sell stop that was too tight. Caveats complete-  the chart is very bullish. If it closes over $440, I’m throwing bank at it. Let your own judgement guide ya! I am not saying TSLA is a good company- it is a stock with a very promising chart.

200206 GBTC Update

Greyscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) is a U.S. exchange based trust that represents a fractional amount of Bitcoin. For details, see: https://grayscale.co/bitcoin-trust/

GBTC has many downsides to just outright owning Bitcoin, but it has convenience and also can be placed in retirement accounts. GBTC is a derivative investment- so charting it has risks not inherent to the underlying. Because GBTC trades at a premium (that shifts constantly) to the price of bitcoin, it is a great indicator of the opinions of stock market investors.