200317 Position update

Based on a belief there is at least another -20% downside, holding EDZ, SQQQ and TECS. On days where market is up +5% or more, buying short term (14-21 day) calls on SQQQ and TECS to escalate gains. No longer trading from TECS to TECL on a hard down day to catch the next days rally attempt- at this point, the bulls have got to be getting tired of getting caught in a bull trap. At this point they are 4 times burned in 10 trading days. Have reduced Puts on Disney and others once they hit 75-100% up so those positions are now house money.

Sold YANG and FNGD. The inverse FAANG ETF has got to diverge at some point- there is a bullish case for NFLX and AMZN. Apple is the one in the FAANG most susceptible to out sized draw-down.

200315 Mondays action:

If market moves down more than 5% on 3/16, will sell YANG and reduce shorts. While there is still $$ to be made in YANG, on a global basis it’s the US stock market that is the most highly over-valued and has the most room to fall if / when draconian measures are put into place to try to get a handle on COVID-19.

Goal will be to get long TQQQ and TECL in anticipation of a sharp move higher ( probably due to Congressional action) on Tuesday.