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20210209 TSLA: positioning for a retracement

Sold 1/2 of TSLA position and moved the Sell Stop on the rest to $769. The odds are better this moves significantly down than higher or sideways. If either of those last two happen, keeping a half position serves as insurance.

20210209 ChainLink (LINK)

20210209 Draft Kings

20210209 Bitcoin

20210209 Sundial (SNDL)

A good article from MF on this one:

200316 Close LUV short position

The Congress is about to bail out the airlines. The money has been made in LUV. Get out. Look at Visa (V) as a great alternative. The loss of revenue by people staying home will have a huge toll on its bottom line

200305 A look at YANG (China Bear 3x ETF)

The calming of global equity markets has had a negative impact on YANG. The spike in institutional buying (OBV) and clear drop in overall money flow (CMF) indicates investors and institutions are leaving the space. The chart bears that up with a fall to trend line at $43.40 level.

As a short term trading play, none of that is unexpected. However, I project that the bad news in terms of global demand for goods is only going to increase as businesses and consumers alike pull in horns. It is highly likely that YANG meets or exceeds the $65 level it reached last summer.

200224 Equity markets hit on COVID-19.

The few bullish post below need to be viewed suspect based on current reaction to global spread of COVID-19

20200219 INMD is a buy.

20200214 S&P Valuation reminder

Current bull market is based on stretched valuations relative to the Price / Earnings ratio rather than real earnings growth. The over-valuation of markets shows no end in stopping. Ever increasing liquidity being added to the financial system by the Fed and others ensures that, to a degree.
As over-valuation it continues it will increasing become a threat. Keep in the back of your mind that a correction might be very painful.
To paraphrase some famous guy- “Enjoy the party, but dance near the door.”

20200213 GNRC uptrend